Edge Duck Boats' Video & Photo Contest, Duck Season 2014-2015 asks you to submit digital photographs and/or videos of your 2014-2015 Duck Season Hunt(s) for a chance to win some great prizes and get your work featured in advertisements for Edge Duck Boats.


Email submissions to research@alohapontoons.com

Or Mail a CD/DVD to:
Waco Manufacturing
3700 Crutcher Street
North Little Rock, AR 72118

Please include full contact information, a back story to accompany your submission and a signed statement of the following: I have read and agree to the Terms & Conditions listed on edgeduckboats.com.

- - -

There are two Grand Prize winners for the video contest: 1st place wins a NEW 2015 EDGE DUCK BOAT!*
(*With "Trade In" of your Used Edge Duck Boat. Equal size and value. Boat Only.); 2nd place Runner-up will receive a
Complete New "Camo" Paint Job

- - -

There are two Grand Prize winners for the photo contest: 1st plae wins a Portable Gun Box!; 2nd place Runner-up will receive an
Edge Hunting Jacket and Ball Cap

In addition to the two Grand Prize winners in both catagories, Edge Duck Boats may choose to use additional photo/video contest entries in our publications or on our website at any time during the year. Photographers/Videographers will be notified before usage and provided copies of usage.

Each person may submit a maximum of 3 photos and/or 2 videos. Submissions for the 2014-2015 contests are due by February 15, 2015. Winners will be notified by March 1, 2015.

- - -

Your videos can be as simple or as elaborate as you wish! They can be as short as 5 seconds or as long as 2 minutes (but no longer). Your submissions can be unedited short clips, or put your filmmaking skills into action and send us an edited short film (2 minutes max) complete with a soundtrack. Please submit video in HD resolution. Although we will accept older SD video (standard definition), your video will look best in HD. We are able to use just about any format—common video files are .mov, .avi, and .mp4; we also accept professional formats such as AVCHD and others. Any music or audio within your video submission must be your own original work, or royalty free material that you have obtained a license for, or music that is in the public domain. It is not ok to use copyrighted material (such as your favorite song from your favorite band or artist)

- - -

Are you an avid outdoor photographer? If you don't have the necessary equipment to meet the specs below, that's okay. Simply submit JPEG files shot in or saved as the highest quality your camera will allow.

JPEG files
Shot in or saved as the highest quality / least amount of compression
Format option set to "baseline optimized"
Adobe 98 color space (not SRGB color space)
8-bit file
From a minimum of a 6 mega-pixel camera

- - -


Limit 3 photos and/or 2 videos per person. Should Edge Duck Boats/Waco Manufacturing choose to use a photo/video in a print publication, DVD, video, e-mail or on our website (excluding the voting page and our social media), the Photographer/Videographer will be notified of use by e-mail after the publication has been printed or the photo/video posted online. Backroads retains the right to use any photo/video submitted at any time in the future. Once the Photographer/Videographer is notified for a photo/video, Edge Duck Boats/Waco Manufacturing retains the right to reuse it at will, for all time, for no additional payment.

Contest winners are chosen annually. Submissions for the 2014-2015 contests are due by February 15, 2015. Winners will be notified by March 1, 2015. Edge Duck Boats/Waco Manufacturing retains the right to use any photo/video submitted at any time in the future and submitters will be notified.

Photographic submissions must be in JPEG (.jpg or .jpeg) format. Please provide only the original, unmodified digital camera image. Submissions will not be returned. Videos must be 2 minutes or less. Edge Duck Boats/Waco Manufacturing will consider no submission that it identifies as obscene, provocative or otherwise containing objectionable content, nor will we consider submissions from employees of Edge Duck Boats/Waco Manufacturing or their families.

By submitting a photo/video for consideration, you warrant and represent that the photo/video you submit (the "Submission") is your own original work, that you alone own copyright to the Submission, and that no other party has any right, title, claim or interest in the Submission. You assert that any audio or music contained in the Submission is not copyrighted by a third party, or in the case of royalty-free music, that you have attained the proper license to use the material. You grant to Edge Duck Boats/Waco Manufacturing and its licensees a royalty-free, worldwide, perpetual license to display, distribute and reproduce the Submission, in whole or in part, in any medium now existing or subsequently developed for editorial purposes without further review or participation from you. In the event recognizable people other than the submitter appear in the Submission, you warrant that you have permission from the model or models, authorizing publication of the Submission. By submitting, you also grant Edge Duck Boats/Waco Manufacturing the right to use your name on the Edge Duck Boats website, in e-mails, on social media and print publications.

Edge Duck Boats/Waco Manufacturing retains full editorial control over the selection of, and the decision not to select, any particular Submission for publication.

For additional information, please contact us today!



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